Apple’s Healthbook Fitness Tracking Software Leaked


p90X3 review by Justin Rubio March 17, 2014 Along with the long-rumored iWatch , Apple is reportedly planning to join the fitness craze with Healthbook, a full-featured app for health-conscious iOS users. 9to5Mac has unearthed a wealth of information regarding the purported software, which appears to have the potential to keep track of everything you could possibly need to help keep a healthy lifestyle. Source: 9to5Mac Expected to be available for iOS 8, Healthbook keeps tabs on information that can already be tracked through a variety of apps, but organizes it all in one tidy place that is designed to match the rest of Apple’s recently-revamped mobile operating system. Images provided by 9to5Mac of what the app may look likewhich are said to be recreations of actual screenshotsreveal that Healthbook will purportedly track everything from your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, to your sleep cycles, BMI, and emergency contact information. At this point it’s still unknown exactly how Healthbook will obtain the information, aside from user-created entries.
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iOS 8 will heavily focus on fitness, but on what should Apple really focus?

Samsung Gear Fit, on its side

The easy thing for Apple to do is release its own fitness band and smartwatch combo, but the very usage of the device second screen for your phone and pedometer limits its ceiling. The Samsung Gear Fit: kind of a smartwatch, kind of a fitness band. There is nothing wrong with joining the fitness market even though fitness bands are currently more or less glorified pedometers and arent really able to automatically track a proper weight workout. According to various leaks, Apples focus on that market Healthbook with the upcoming iOS 8 is quite extensive .
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit


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